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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 28, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. the threat, an al qaeda group brags that it's behind the christmas day terror plot. the plan was to blow up an airline jet and they'll keep trying. there was warning from the suspect's own family much he was on the watch list. so why was he allowed on a flight headed to the united states? >> according to a law enforcement source, the first security break down came on november 19th, 2009. >> that is the same day his father warned officials at the u.s. embassy about his son. then, again, on november 20th in washington after the doctor's concerns were warranted there, officials failed for the second time that the 23-year-old
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national held an active u.s. visa. >> he boarded a flight from amsterdam. thanks to passengers and crew, his plot was not successful. tonight he's being held in a federal prison and that is where we're standing by with more. >> reporter: the 23-year-old told us us u.s. officials from the start he was on a mission. they had provided him with a technically advanced explosive device, meant to bring down the airliner on christmas day. al qaeda says they'll keep trying to stop bombs in yemen. the president wants investigators to review exactly how travelers are placed on terror watch and no fly lists and how they are screened at
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airports. federal officials are holding the suspect in michigan. prosecutors are hoping to get a dann sample to see if they can connect the suspect to other terror plots. cbs news have learned from his own online entries he was a lonely man. he recently lost contact with his family, and that prompted his own father to let us know he was involved with extremists. he paid nearly $3,000 catch for a one way airline ticket. nobody connected the dots. >> we need a better way to take the information we get about travelers and actually use it to decide how much screening they're going to get. >> reporter: transportation officials said to prepare for enhanced security checkpoints, all with keeping with the president's promise to keep americans safe while flying. >> now, the suspect was able to pass through security in
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amsterdam despite carrying an explosive powder. >> it was a substance known as tetn and it was found on him. this is video of the potential liquid death nator on a plane. some security experts say it could have been detected by a high tech security scanner and a story you'll only see on nine, brittany morehouse has why it remains controversial. >> reporter: full body scanning machines scan the body like an x-ray machine, so some are concerned it violates a passenger's privacy. i tried one out to see if it made me feel uncomfortable. here is how it works. in a chris tall city office building, some of the most advanced scanning machines in the country are made. this back scanner, a low level x-ray machine that provides a two dimensional x-ray of the body. >> we believe that this is the best technology to go along with the metal detectors and the baggage screeners that are already out there. >> reporter: so i tested it to
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find out why. >> does it matter with the back? >> reporter: it first scans the front of my body and then the back. for privacy i hold a thick stack of paper during the process and within seconds the image appears on a computer. it detects the paper and my microphone. any normal metal detector would not detect knife but it would the lid wick. so i tried that -- liquid. so i tried that out as well. the machine detects both the knife and liquid and we learned how an agent would highlight the threats and then send a message to the agent helping the passenger. instead of seeing my photo, the second would see this image. that takes care of privacy concerns. >> the operators are trained to look for threats. the threats that the back scanner takes standout against the person's body. >> reporter: each machine cost roughly 2 $200,000. tsa has ordered about 150 back
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scanners from this company. they're expected to be deployed in u.s. airports in 2012. derek. >> and you can see more of this story online at and while you're there, keep updated on the latest details in the alleged jetliner terror plot. new tonight, north korea says it has detained an american citizen. robert parker illegally entered the country last week. he slipped across the border to call attention to human rights conditions in the north. now to a bombing caught on tape in pakistan. hundreds much people participating in a religious procession when the bomb went off. you can see the plume of smoke and panicked mourners scattering. the iranian crack down continues today with the arrest of a dozen prominent government critics. among them, a former foreign minister. that brings more than 1500 the number of arrests that began with a weekend of three protests whereas many as 13 people were killed. iranian americans here in our
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area are watching this one closely, and gary nurenberg talks with some of them. gary. >> reporter: well, derek, let's start in iran where dem cratetors say the -- demonstrators say the nephew of former presidential candidate. it wasn't just iran. protests took place all over the country. >> the united states joins with the international community in strongly condemning the violent and unjust suppression of innocent iranian citizens. >> reporter: they're watching the protest and the crackdown closely, as are iranian americans in the washington area. >> i'm extremely proud of the iranian people for standing up for their freedom against depression. >> reporter: because she fears for family in iran, she wants to use only her first name. it's a fear we enforce by the
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government's harsh response to the demonstration. >> i'm shocked, terrified and just worried for the people. i mean, this government is not listening to its people and they're beating and murdering and i am onning just for -- imprisoning just for fighting for freedom. >> reporter: the world may be seeing a revolution in the making. >> i definitely think this is a turning point. i think that change is definitely coming. >> reporter: but as with most revolutions, at a cost of blood and death. so watch for some local dc area public show of support from that youth group as the protest in iran continue to unfold. derek. >> all right, gary nurenberg. thank you. let's check in with devon lucie outside. i'm betting it's pretty cold out there, devon. >> as they say, it's generally not the temperatures that get you, it's the wind. neither in the north west, the -- hear in the northwest, the wind has really whipped up. it's nearly 15, 20 miles an
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hour. what that's doing to the temperature, it's still pretty cold. reagan national checking in above it. it feels like 19 in montgomery county. most of us in the 20s. the wind whipping behind me as i'm talking. whin de, just freeze -- windy, just freezing temperatures. it's going to feel a lot colder than that. we have a blustery forecast to put together. wind advisories go into effect. then we need to track our next wintery system coming our way. i'll have all of this in our complete forecast. i'm putting the final touches on that and it's coming up. >> thank you, devon. a crash scene turns into a crime scene when the driver abandons her child there. plus, buck shot, you tell by the picture what this deer got by this picture. a new smooth shot for life. plus the charlie sheen's 911 call. a call for help after the break.
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new tonight, prince williams county police asking for your help in finding a woman wanted for leaving a child at the scene of a car crash. she is 39-year-old julie ann kroll of woodbridge. kroll crashed a car december 16th in dale city that ran off leaving her 8-year-old daughter at the scene. kroll is now wanted for child neglect, driving on a revoked license and driving with an open container of alcohol. if you've seen her, please contact prince will wyms county police. -- williams county police. sarah foxwell vanished last tuesday from her home. search teams found her body on christmas day. investigators are now holding the suspect 30-year-old thomas
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leggs junior. he actually once dated the girl's aunt. maryland state senator says she will push for legislation to lengthen prison terms for child sex offenders. >> often times it takes that personal tragedy to get people to really think that things need to be changed or this wouldn't have happened if. >> a bond hearing was held today for leggs. a judge ordered him held without bond. investigators are looking into the possible that leggs might be involved in other unsolved cases as well. we have another incident to tell you about on a plane. this includes a flight into laguardia on sunday night. 67-year-old thomas lett flew into laguardia with some type of explosive described as a firecracker. no word yet on what kind of charges we can face. we have background on him. he has two outstanding warrants in florida for unlawful flight.
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tonight frederick police are holding a man charged with trying to steal a small airplane. the sman started the plane but -- the man started the plane but never got it off the ground. instead, it rolled off the runway and ended in a nearby grassy field. this happened overnight. officers say they found the man hiding in a barn not far away. >> we believe that he has some knowledge or some familiarity with the plane. we believe that he may have flown gliders in the past and just be familiar with airplanes. >> investigators sided the suspect -- identified the suspect as calvin craig cox. that stolen plane is owned by the mid atlantic soaring and is usually used for towing gliders into the air. the water is back on for tens of thousands of residents after saturday's water main break. but they're still being told boil your water before you drink it. kristin fisher has more. >> well, i can't take a cup and
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hold it over the faucet in the kitchen to fix my tea and my coffee. >> reporter: paula clinton is one of the 50 thousand,000 prince george's residents with a boil warning. >> it's frustrating because it can affect my health and i haven't been aware of it at all and i have been drinking it. >> reporter: the washington su bur can sanitary commission admits it's been -- suburban sanitary commission admits it's been hard to get the word out. >> we look for you and the media to help get the word out. >> reporter: so today he's taking me straight to the source. >> you see the little gap in between, that's where one joint is. >> reporter: oh, okay. >> reporter: this morning they found this big break right here. and now they believe that that
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is the primary culprit. >> we have return service to everyone in the area. and we are in the middle of our test to make sure that there isn't any contamination of the water in the area. and hopefully we'll be able to lift the boil water advisory sometime tomorrow. >> reporter: in prince george's county, kristin fisher, 9news now and >> again, as you just heard, the advisory should be lifted tomorrow. but until then, residents in the affected area should still boil their water for a full minute before drinking, and that includes the water used to brush your teeth. the latest census numbers are in and three states lost population during the year ending past july. michigan's population shrank by one-third of one% and rhode island fell 0.03%. the nation's actual population rose. much of that came from out west, including whieming and utah. we have a sad story coming out of a small town in colorado.
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a family started a deer with an arrow that had pierced its eyebrow. the arrow barely missed the deer's eye. the shooter is an illegal poacher. for now, though, they do not plan to approach the deer because the injury doesn't appear life-threatening. oh, boy. >> i guess his friends are all poking friends at him. >> derek. [ laughing ] >> better than the far side cartoon where the guy had a bumper of a tattoo on his chest. >> you two are breaking ground. let's talk about the weather. >> that's pretty nasty. it's going to be brutal temperatures when you factor in a wind chill and that is going to bring it down to teens and single digits. let's check out the first forecast here. the next three days, 35 tomorrow. 39 degrees wednesday. that's a little bit of a warmup before the next storm system rolls around. we could see a few showers coming in by thursday afternoon. that is the next storm system
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really starting to approach. but now it's really all about the wind speeds out here. clearing, cold, wind advisory goes into effect at midnight. lows anywhere from 22-28 but that wind 15-25 miles an hour with guses even higher. -- gusts even higher. it's going to make it feel like it's in the single digits and teens. wind advisory tomorrow morning, still really cold. you get a lot of shots in the forecast but things are really looking not very good for the temperatures. here is the wind advisory for everyone shown here in the entire state of maryland. washington dc metro. you have to go to northern virginia where we don't have the wind advisory in effect. that's culpeper county and starved county into the northern -- stafford county into the northern neck. it's going to be breezy, just not quite reaching wind advisory criteria. here we go, this big time storm system finally exiting the united states. it was over the central u.s. and you'll remember that's what brought blizzards and snows as far south as oklahoma city and dallas. lake effect snows behind that.
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and there you see the lake effect snows are still going to continue another 24 hours or so. for us the west and northwest breezes coming in. and then the breeze shifts to the south. they're not going to be strong winds. just 5-10 miles an hour. what you'll notice is the cloud cover coming in, and that's the first sign of the next approaching store. so here are the temperatures tomorrow. prince george's county anywhere from lower 30s in the lower tear. montgomery county lower 30s right around the freezing mark. and northern virginia freezing mark just below in some cases. look what the wind chill feels like. only 20s is what it will feel like. wrap up and if you have to be waiting around for a ride or catching the metro or going ahead and dropping the kids off for school, it's definitely going to be one of those you want to get out of the wind. one to block the wind. another couple more to keep you warm at night.
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on those morning hours as this is going to be the case. tuesday, that is a very cold windy frigidy day. the wind advisory going into effect tonight. and then the next storm system coming around with mixed precipitation. and i think we have a rain event transitioning to snow second and the latest news coming in an accumulation is possible. we're not looking at big time accumulation with this particular storm, but i think we're going to see something out of it. pinpoint how much will be here in dc. it's not 12, it's not 16, it's not 24 inches of snow. >> we're done for that right now. >> we're certain of that. >> for right now. tonight hear from a woman who identifies herself as charlie sheen's wife in a frantic 911 call. >> they were in aspen when she apparently called 911 when she said sheen was threatening her with a knife. >> my husband had me with a
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knife and he has threatened me. >> are you separated right now? >> i have to file the report. >> well, sheen was arrested in aspen and spent part of christmas day in jail. he was released after posting an $8,500 bond. now on to much lighter fair, if you're into politics and the internet, you're already familiar with the jib jab videos that take swipes at politicians and cultural icons. here is the taste of goodbye to 2009. ♪ music playi >> okay. i'm officially going online to see the rest of that. [ laughing ] >> we're going to be right back
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and now 9 sports, the best sports in town. >> well, when informed he wouldn't start saturday night,
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josi got mad and snapped his stick on the ground. as a result, his playing time has been reduced. but he got the start tonight. didn't go too will with. just eight minutes in. he's stephen segal. hurricanes up 3-0. carolina ring the bell begin again. third period somebody find superman. alex ovechkin, theodore looking like a guy who hadn't played in a week. five pucks get by him and the caps lose tonight six opinion three. it was a busy day for the -- 6-3. it was a busy day for the office. clark spent the last five years here. chemara is an 11-year pro who played with a couple of teams. by the way, bruce has not yet
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named a captain. wizards tonight the bucket and one. nice. so we're going to over time, baby. playing a little extra basketball. but the grizzlies take over. memphis wins it 116-111 in overtime. football now, thankfully, mers flee, the red -- mers seeful mercifully, the redskins season comes to an end tonight. they try to salvage some pride. last night's loosen sure a winless record since 1994. it's been a frustrating campaign. jim zorn has a rather interesting way to describe it all. >> i truly am having a great experience. this is not -- it's not fun. but it is a great experience. i think we're trying to deal
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with all the adversity that comes each day. each week it's been something different, hadn't it. >> and if you don't believe he's going to get relieved, here is more proof. jerry gray has interviewed for the team's head coaching job. it requires teams to interview one minority candidate. the team has fulfilled that requirement, even though the job isn't vacant yet. all right. when tom stepped down as dc united head coach back in november, he took with him a couple of major trophies, including a u.s. open cup. so the search was on to fill the void. the void has been filled. today the team announcing that he'll become the team's new head coach. he played on the '99 team.
11:27 pm
infielder eric brook. he was drafted in '03. earning a world series ring in 2008. finally congrats to maryland's vazquez. eight boards and eight assists in victories and atlantic this week. so he wins the acc player of the week award. he's won it five times in his career. >> there is one other merciful thing. >> what's that? >> we were under any illusion they were good. >> yes, yes. >>. [ laughing ] >> no illusions now. >> this is a true fan here. >> yes, i know. >> he's holding on. >> i'll wait for next year. >> we'll be right back. when you're living with bipolar depression...
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. loths of people asking what -- lots of people asking what kind of snowfall. >> we're looking on the low side. just a few inches. in the meantime wind advisory coming in. strong winds 30 miles an hour.
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the 35 is going to feel like 32 for a high temperature tomorrow. >> oh, hi nice. >>. [ laughing ] >> that's a great forecast. >> that's lovely, devon, thanks. letterman is up next. kate hudson is with her -- >> him. [ laughing ] >> don't forget we're always on wus wus. we'll see you tomorrow night. produce with a 100% guarantee...
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